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WBZ's Jonny Miller Is A Savage Who Gives No Fucks When Asking Questions

Fucking hilarious. Hey, JD! How are you doing? I'm doing great. Anyways, so you fucking sucked last year. Like, absolutely sucked. How does it feel to suck so bad last year, and what did you do to make sure you won't suck again this year? PS you suck.

Good for JD for laughing it off, though. He knows the deal when Jonny Miller comes in hot with a question. For those who don't know, Jonny is a legend in Boston media and he always gets the first question in every single press conference. Not because he steps on toes and hops in to get the first question that other reporters are trying to get. That's just the respect that he has amongst his peers. Everyone knows to fall back until Jonny gets the mic and then everyone can fight over who gets it next once he's done delivering 98 on the black.

I can't remember if it was Dustin Pedroia's retirement press conference or something around that time, but Jonny was late and they almost held up the whole press conference because no one wanted to ask the first question in place of Jonny. Even Dustin was like, where the hell is Jonny? This party doesn't start until Jonny Miller walks in.

I actually have zero concerns about JD Martinez, by the way. The man is a professional hitter. The actual definition of a professional hitter. Today, he was talking about getting the chip on his shoulder back, and I believe him. He was released by the Astros, went to Detroit and got the chance to learn the art of hitting alongside some of the greats like Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez before turning himself into one of the best offensive performers in the game. If JD were a stock, I'm buying up all the shares as low as they are right now knowing that I'm about to get a monster return on that investment in 2021.

If he didn't truly believe that himself, I doubt we'd be seeing the laughing reaction to Jonny's question.