Dave Is Going One On One With Scumbag Vlad TONIGHT At 9PM


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Buckle up everyone. We've seen many people enter the terror dome, and very few have left with their pride, dignity, or reputation still in tact. But for some reason, Scumbag Vlad has accepted Dave's invitation to go one on one with him. Props to him, I suppose. He could go back to scamming people on his app and never answer Dave's questions, but at least he's stepping up to the plate. But hopefully he answers questions this time. Why did he shut down trading to the common man when the hedge funds were still allow to continue trading? Why could you only sell, and not buy, on his platform? Will he fight me at RnR? Ok, maybe 2 of the 3 will be answered. 

Vlad cost a lot of ordinary people a lot of money. Hopefully we get some answers tonight, but I doubt it. Regardless, it should be great to watch. It'll be streaming everywhere- blog, IG, Dave's pages, FB, you name it. I am surprised CNBC isn't offering Erika $10 million dollars to air it live. Must-watch stuff.