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Tiger Woods Needs Some Good Vibes So Let's Talk About His Stinger Tee Shot

Obviously the world is waiting on pins and needles to learn more about the extent of Tiger's injuries. Banks is on top of the situation as it develops which you can catch up here. 

For now though I feel like we all need to chip in and throw Tiger some good vibes. Even though I'm not a doctor (of medicine) I'm well aware of the power of positive thoughts. On that front I thought maybe we could do a blog on his major championships or power ranking his best fist pumps or hole outs at a Perkins. But ultimately I settled on one of the more mundane yet magnificent parts of Tiger's brand: his stinger. 

Of all the amazing things this man can do on a golf course, none can capture my admiration and appreciation quite like one of his rocket stingers 266 down broadway. And if you think I'm being dramatic, look no further than this Golf Digest profile on the shot from earlier this summer. Tiger literally wrote the blog on the shot. 

It's glorious watching him throw fastballs down the middle of the fairway. Even cooler knowing he's personally responsible for coining the name of the all-weather tee shot. 

Personally though I won't be satisfied until the shot is fully in my bag. That might not mean a lot to you guys but to me that means drilling on the range until my hands bleed time and again. Really no other way for me to master the fundamentals Tiger lays out so well here below. 

The only challenging part for me at this point is to not get mad that I can't hit this shot. People who are good at golf make it sound so fucking easy and it looks effortless. Such a personal challenge for me to swallow my pride and admit I'm not that good. 

But at the same time, it's so easy to just sit back and watch Tiger Stingers all day. 

Often times in Barstool Chicago we make the distinction between Best and Favorite. Credit to Red Ed for that. There's a difference between the objective BEST and your subjective FAVORITE. Like a pizza place you love from home that just doesn't stack up against the big boys. That's your Favorite but it's not the Best. 

In this case I think the Tiger Stinger does both. It's personally my favorite shot in golf but then when you consider all the factors like the guy hitting it and how sweet he is - it's also the Best. 

And that's talking Tiger Stingers. 

Get well soon Tiger. We love you.