Bet On Sid Vs. Ovie In Tonight's Spittin' Chiclets Props

This prop has been a big hit in the Barstool Sportsbook this season so we're bringing it out tonight: Ovie vs. Sid for most points. The two guys whose careers will forever be entwined are seeing a lot of each other this year and you can get some head-to-head action. If you like Sid to have more points tonight, you win 175 for every 100 risked. If you ride with Ovie, the return is 160 for every 100. And if you bet that they end up tied, you win 230 for every 100 wagered.

For the second prop, you can bet that Ottawa rookie Tim Stützle will score a goal in tonight's tilt with the Canadiens. The German stud also known as Jimmy Stü has 5-4--9 in 17 games. If you bet 100 that he scores tonight and he does, you win 475 (boosted from 410).

In tonight's NHL Boost offering, you can wager on both the Penguins and Red Wings to win (boosted from 362). If you risk 100 and both the Pens and Wings win tonight, you win 425. This is a nice return if you want to pair these two.

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