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It's A Miracle That This Girl Didn't Snap In Half After Being Catapulted Into The Ground Face First On The Bachelor Last Night

Last night on The Bachelor, we had our four hometown dates. Normally our Bachelor/Bachelorette travels to the contestants' actual hometowns, and they do lame things like apple picking and meeting up with friends at bars before the big "night with the 'rents." The parents almost always hate the show, think it's a bad idea, and try to talk their kids out of it. This season, we had all four families come to the Nemacolin, quarantine for 2 weeks, and then ABC planned various activities for them to do on the resort property. One of these activities, was skydiving.

Rachael Kirkconnell, ironically the girl that ALL of the racism accusations/etc have been about, was on this skydiving date. We've since discovered that her instructor/assistant was roughly 13 years old, until proven otherwise:

And when they jumped out of the plane, they had a ROUGH landing.

How did this girl survive???? How did she not break her NECK? People exaggerate when they say someone "ate it" but this bitch just flossed every tooth at the same time with those blades of grass. It was lunchtime, so she shoved a dirt sandwich down her own throat. What's extra suspicious, is that normally they'll make this a whole scene. Ambulances, dramatic cuts and music, the works. But this fall? They just cut to the next scene! Sitting with her family! NBD, nothing to see here, have some production assistant pick up all of her missing teeth and they'll shove them back in later. Insane.

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