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The US Is Scheduled To Get 135MM More Doses Of The Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Delivered To Them In The Next 5 Weeks


Pfizer and Moderna will deliver at least another 135 million doses of coronavirus vaccines over the next five weeks, the firms will lawmakers on Tuesday. 

The two companies have considerably ramped up their production of vaccine doses and found solutions to previous manufacturing issues that caused bottlenecks in production.  

And Johnson & Johnson said it is ready to ship four million doses of its vaccine upon emergency FDA authorization - which could come as soon as Friday - and could deliver 20 million doses by the end of next month. 

AstraZeneca said it expects to get authorization in April and will have 30 million doses ready to ship.  

CDC's vaccine tracker says the US has received a total of 75 million doses from the two companies, leaving the remainder to be shipped by the end of March between 135 and 145 million doses from the two companies.  

Together, Pfizer and Moderna are contracted to deliver 600 million doses of their shots to the US by the end of July, and they've pledged to have 220 million ready by the end of March. 

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It's been a few weeks since I've given my $0.02 and some hot takes on where we're at with respect to this goddamn motherfucking cock sucking pandemic, and I stumbled upon this article today which compelled me to write this piping hot blog informing the masses. 

So we as a nation will have access to about 135MM more doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the coming weeks on top of what we already have in stock. Both of those are 2 dose vaccines, which means that come end of March, around 67MM more Americans will have access to the vaccine should they so choose to get it. 

A few notes on this:

1. Don't tell me you're not getting vaccinated because of a bunch of harebrained conspiracy theories. I don't care if you do or don't get vaccinated. I care only that the vaccine is available to those who do choose to get it because I recognize that's the fastest way back to normalcy. Spare me your bullshit, I don't want to hear it.

2. Don't tell me that you're not going to get vaccinated because the survival rate of the virus is better than the efficacy of the virus. This is dumb. The two stats work best in conjunction with each other. If 75% of the population can't give or get the virus because they've been vaccinated, and the survival rate of the virus is around 98%, then it's only the 25% of the population that didn't get vaccinated that now has a 98+% chance of survival. There have been over 500K deaths in the US alone from this fuckwad. The death rate would PLUMMET with most people getting the vaccine. It'd be bye bye corona and hello WSD way too drunk to function at a concert on Northerly Island this July. 

3. 67MM people is about 20% of the population.  People over 50 years old compose around 34% of the population. Vaccinate the shit out of that 34% with these 135MM doses and my dumb brain tells me hospitalizations and deaths will start to plummet because the virus isn't that bad for younger healthy people, exceptions to the rule not withstanding. 

4. Thus far, per Bloomberg (my preferred daily source for COVID updates) about 64MM doses have been given out to Americans. It's not an exact science because not everyone has received both doses yet, but there have been about 20 shots administered per 100 people in the US thus far.

That's… ummm…. okay, I guess. That is until you see the trends in the amount of doses administered week over week the last two weeks. Per Bloomberg:

-In the first two weeks of February, we administered about 1.9MM doses/day
-The last week or 10 days, we've administered about 1.35MM doses/day

Why in the fuck are we going backwards?  FUCK that. It should be getting higher and higher week over week. This is the part where I point out that the leadership on both sides of the aisle need to figure it the FUCK out logistically. Need more shots in more arms and pronto. I got baseball games to catch.

I just want baseball back and I want the owner of my favorite baseball team to stop using the fucking virus as a convenient excuse to not spend. That's it. I'm a season ticket holder now and want to be in that stadium as much as possible. In Arizona, all 30 teams plan on having limited fans, so why can't we have fans on opening in Chicago too? Looking at you, Mayor Lightfoot. Looking at you, Governor Pritzker. Quit finger pointing and start thumb pointing. Let's get rid of this thing for good. Need fans in stands at baseball games and concerts.