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Soccer Player Is Facing Punishment For Faking An Injury After Hitting Himself With A Rock During The Game

[Source] - A GUATEMALAN third-division footballer has left social media stunned after he faked being hit by an object after slapping HIMSELF with it. In an Oscar-worthy performance, Batanecos' Rosbin Ramos quickly picked up the object from the pitch, before casually tapping it across his face.

Ramos' bizarre efforts were unsurprisingly in vain as none of the officials saw the incident, so no punishment was handed out.

But according to Football24, Guatemala's football disciplinary body are expected to take action against Ramos over his embarrassing antics.

What a goddamn move. I can't say I've seen this one before and our guy Rosbin Ramos put on a flopping performance for the ages. He saw an opportunity and he struck. Well, he struck himself, but he still struck. That's how you really sell it. Give yourself a little welt and figure out a way to blame someone else. It's a competitive advantage at this point. And sure, flopping sucks, but this is an acting performance not a flop. This isn't Neymar rolling around for 4 minutes after a slide tackle. This is hitting yourself in the face with a rock and trying to draw attention. I'm not quite sure what the end game was here, whether he was trying to convince a ref that another player hit him or if it was the fans. 

But see, this is about the Guatemalan soccer federation here. They are taking action and ready to punish him. We need more of that in sports. I'm not just talking some bullshit $5k fine for NBA and NFL players when they flop. That's nothing. That's a hand of blackjack. I'm talking about suspension or at the minimum get creative with the punishment. I say for any NFL wide receiver flopping around after an incomplete pass or an NBA player flopping we send bring in Guatemala soccer disciplinary body. Let them determine the punishment.