Ultimate Grumpy Old Man Jim Boeheim Got His Ass Kicked Last Night, Spent His Press Conference Going After Jay Bilas And Defending Duke

Last night was almost the shot of normalcy the college hoops world needed. Feels like basically every year since Syracuse joined the ACC, they are floating around the bubble and have a game against Duke/UNC/Virginia to get a win and sneak in as an 11 seed. Here we were again last night with a play-out game. Loser essentially eliminated from at-large talk. Duke kicked Syracuse's ass from start to finish. It was so bad that it had me wondering if Boeheim threw the game for his buddy K. Only logical thing because it's impossible for Duke to look that good, but then again when your defense looks like this: 

Most coaches would be talking about trying to figure out the next step. K would scream at a reporter for asking him what's next. But Boeheim? Well, Boeheim is in a class of his own because he's the epitome of grumpy old man. There's no one else like him and I'm not quite sure that's a compliment. You may remember on Friday he fucking ripped Jalen Johnson for leaving Duke, saying how Duke is better without him, etc.

Jay Bilas responded over the weekend, defending Johnson's decision

Then we get to last night. Bilas had an A+ joke about Seth Greenberg and Boeheim all at once. Perfect amount of snark. 

And what does Boeheim do after the game? He talks about how he was right. Mind you he corrected himself over the weekend saying he never even saw Jalen Johnson play. He was basing this off of simply watching Duke play against Wake Forest and a half against NC State. Makes sense why Syracuse sucked last night, Boeheim ever hear of scouting? Nope and this is why I'm convinced Boeheim threw the game. He cared more about being right. 

Yeah, Duke looks better without Jalen Johnson because they aren't playing him and Matthew Hurt together which was always a disaster. Boeheim isn't the only one to say that. But let's all relax on this Duke shit. They are last year's Virginia team. You may remember last year's Virginia - a team who did nothing in the nonconference, got hot in a down ACC and were projected to be a 7 seed after convincing everyone they figured it out. Duke did shit in the nonconference, they are beating a bunch of bad ACC teams (and Virginia, who hasn't beaten anyone of note) to get back into bubble talk. They have 2 top-40 wins. They are 2-3 in quad 1 games. They aren't even playing Florida State this year! But this isn't about Duke. This is about Boeheim being the grumpiest old man in the world.