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Serving the best pizza and wings in the valley since 1976, Georgio’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria has become a local favorite over the years. Some popular menu items are the Chicken Caesar Salad, Cheese Ravioli, Philly Calzone, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and Italian Sub.



Reader Email

Hello my name is Jessenia but Jessie for short. I am a single mom of 2 and a stage 3 cancer survivor . I have worked all my life 2-3 jobs to have the little that I have, nothing has been handed to me. When I purchased Georgio's I put all my saving and refinanced my house to get it. I acquired Georgio's on Dec 1st 2018 any money I got from I would put it right back in to remodel the place then Covid hit and now I am working two jobs again 16 hours a day. I am sooo tired. My day job I work from 6AM to 3:30PM and after I go to Georgio's to work till closing and help close out. I had to get my morning job because I don't get any money from Georgio's and I was on edge of losing my home and past due on my bills. I owe 9 month's worth of rent on the business and owe on all my bills. Georgio's has been here since 1972 it is an Icon to the community and well loved. Please any help would be more than appreciated. I am desperate and tired. Please help us.