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Oklahoma State Has The Most Talented Player In The Country And Should Be In The Tournament ... Unless, You Know, The NCAA Makes The Dumbest Decision Ever

Oklahoma State is somehow still flying under the radar. I don't know if it's because they got swept by TCU or the lack of nonconference games or what, but this team is awesome. They had the legit most talented player in the country. That's the honest truth about Cade Cunningham. He's the guy that everyone should pick as the first overall pick in college basketball about the guy you want to build your team around. He's a legit 6'8" lead guard that sees the floor, can shoot, an excellent passer and just makes everything look easy. 

Last night though we saw why Oklahoma State should be talked about more. Playing at home against Texas Tech and falling down by double digits in the second half with Cade on the bench with 4 fouls? That's when the comeback started. Shit, even their second best player Isaac Likekele only scored 2 points playing with a bum leg. But what we're seeing is the growth of guys like Kalib Boone and Avery Anderson. Watch this game-winning play by Anderson

A clean, yes a clean, chase down block. Sure, Avery Benson should have just made the smart play by passing the ball to his teammate wide open right away. Mike Boynton has the perfect mix of talent, dudes who will defend and just fly around. They have the 16th ranked defense in the country, they run this morphing 2-3 zone mixed with man. And more importantly they are a Tournament team and should be one that people are talking about more as a potential sleeper. They are currently projected as a 7 seed and are 6-4 in quad 1 games. 

But it all comes down to the NCAA. 

Oklahoma State got hit with a postseason ban because of that FBI investigation despite cooperating with the NCAA unlike literally everyone else involved. Just a reminder that NOBODY involved with the team is part of that investigation. Smartly, they appealed. These guys should not be punished. So we have 18 days for the NCAA to avoid the dumbest decision ever. All they have to do is wait until after this year to talk about it. Just stay quiet. We need Cade Cunningham in the NCAA Tournament. It's good for diehard fans and it's good for casual fans who just watch the NCAA Tournament. I've said it once, I'll say it again. LET THE BOYS PLAY.

Not to mention, Mike Boynton would be electric in the NCAA Tournament after a win. 

PS: This pass by TJ Shannon last night to force overtime was ridiculous. So many times we see guys just chuck up the terrible three. Incredible decision.