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Congrats To Aaron Gordon - He Didn't Do Anything On The Court, He's Just Dating The First Ever Seasonal Playmate For Playboy

Big shout out to Aaron Gordon here. Typically around this time of the year we are congratulating him and going nuts for an absurd dunk contest where he gets fucked out of winning. Seriously D Wade, we won't forget. 

But you see, Aaron Gordon is more than a dunker. He's a guy who is consistently in trade talks and is dating an absolute dime. Let me be more specific, he's dating Izabela Guedes, the first ever seasonal Playmate on Playboy. You may remember her from this infamous photo: 

Playboy will still hold a special place in my heart, mostly because of stealing the Sable one like every person my age. You just had to finally see the puppies and there they were. But it's more than that. Take Izabela's word for it (h/t Fox)

Fox News: You’re the first-ever seasonal Playmate. What was your initial reaction to the announcement?
Izabela Guedes: Honestly, I was just so, so happy. I couldn’t believe they chose me. I’ve been modeling for so long so to be part of Playboy is just incredible. It’s such an iconic magazine and so important to our culture.

Fox News: We have Playmate of the Month and Playmate of the Year. What makes the seasonal Playmate different?
Guedes: I think it’s an opportunity to get to know a Playmate better. For example, I’m from Brazil, so this is an opportunity to show a little bit of my Brazilian culture, which is cool. I think it’s a chance to know a Playmate better. And you can develop an even stronger connection with them. I think one month goes by so fast so three months is definitely cool laughs.

You can also find out more about her here on Barstool Sports, because this is Izabela: 

So congrats to Izabela on the first ever seasonal Playmate award and congrats to Aaron Gordon. The man should be a slam dunk contest winner, but at least he's got a knockout girlfriend.