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The Knicks Have Reportedly Unleashed World Wide Wes To Recruit Bradley Beal To New York Through "Backchannels"

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NYDN- Knicks top executive World Wide Wes is reportedly recruiting Bradley Beal to the Knicks through backchannels. ESPN radio host Michael Kay, who works for the station that broadcasts Knicks games, cited a “very good source” while dropping the news on his show last week. “The Knicks have World Wide Wes on their side,” Kay said. “And he’s been in the ear of some of Beal’s people and he’s kind of nudging them that this might be a time to push for a trade.”

It's happening Knicks fans! I don't care that Michael Kay is the one dropping reports and sources about the Knicks since Tiki Barber was the one who broke the Steve Cohen news. Leon Rose has done everything we hoped he would do when he took over this perennially sinking ship. He delivered Tom Thibodeau as the first Knicks coach I can trust since Jeff Van Gundy, he delivered Kenny Payne that has leveled up the Kentucky players on the roster, and now we are unleashing our basketball Littlefinger to the shadows in order to land the star we've been waiting for forever. 

That's why you hire World Wide Wes. To live on backchannels and make things happen by whispering the right things in the right peoples' ears which results in major players' asses being moved to where they want to be moved in what some people could consider tampering. Those people are loser crybabies that can't prove a goddamn thing. I don't know how Wes does what he does or even what backchannels actually are, but there is a reason we all know Wes' name. Clearly getting Bradley Beal in a trade would cost a pretty penny, but thankfully the Knicks have been gathering and developing assets instead of pissing them away, with that 7'3" insurance policy being responsible for a bunch of picks and a whole lot of cap space. Just being seen as a team that could help save a disgruntled star from a shitty situation shows the powers of Leon Rose.

You know what? Fuck it. TIME TO BUST OUT THE PHOTOSHOP!!!

Damn it feels good to be back.