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Chris Mack Held A Press Conference To Explain He Apologized To Coach Cal After His Leaked Video Because He Knows His Role In This Rivalry

All things considered that was one of the most hilarious press conferences I've ever seen. Big bad Chris Mack rolling over and begging for forgiveness from Calipari after playing the heel all year? It's good to know Chris Mack understands where Louisville stands in this. They always have been and always will be the little brother. It's better to not piss off the big brother who beats your ass basically every year. The last thing you want is them stirring on something for a year for revenge. You want to try and butter them up so the next beating isn't as bad. Shit, you can even hear during the video him realizing he's making a mistake by being with Eric Wood who keeps saying that Kentucky won't ever win again. It's in that moment that Mack knows he's in trouble. 

I'm actually upset that Mack went and apologized. Try to make Louisville different than the same layup they are every year. Just come out and be the heel you desperately want to be. You don't see wrestlers turn babyface just because of fans booing them. Just admit you were drinking some Miller Lites with Eric Wood and felt the high of shockingly beating Kentucky's worst team. You're in the video where they are taking a clear shot at Calipari. You've stirred shit up all year, just own it Mack. This isn't Cincinnati/Xavier, this is Kentucky. Sure, from a career standpoint it's probably better to understand and publicly apologize, but Louisville will always be the same. 

Sidenote, still feel like we need to talk about Chris Mack having this tattoo more: 

Crum, Pitino, Mack, it doesn't matter. Little brother will always be little brother.