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Army Unit Properly Demonstrates Exactly How NOT To Tactically Clear A Building: Veterans And Active Duty Folks Lose Their Minds About The Safety Failures

First of all, that Barstool Operators account isnt ours. I saw it and even I thought it was. I thought, how in the fuck is this an account and I didnt know about it. But it's not so whatever. 

Anyway, I saw this video and thought at first that the sounds might have been added in as a goof. I thought perhaps these folks were doing a run through and everyone had shown their weapons were clear and had no rounds. But, that's not what is going on. 

I've participated in, lead, and instructed shoot-house training a shit ton of times. Live-fire training in a close-quarters situation is one of the more risky and planned out training packages the military does. The instructors go through courses and evaluations in order to lead training like this. Because of that, it is SHOCKING that this type of training looks like this. For those who dont know, there is a term called "flagging." Flagging someone essentially just means pointing your weapon at them when you do not intend to shoot them. This video is FILLED with flagging. Even at the onset of initial training, this will get your ass kicked off the firing line. In a house or building, that risk becomes much higher. 

Over and over someone walks through the door and the fella with the helmet cam doesnt even think about lowering his weapon. He keeps it at the ready and moves forward. He enters the second room and nearly flags everyone in that bitch. In this type of house or building, there is typically a crew of cadre on overwatch looking for situations just like this. They perform as instructors or range safety officers. They can call "cease-fire cease-fire" and the training evolution should stop in an instant. For some reason, that doesn't happen here. 

People are mad as hell about it and they should be. This doesn't meet the standard of training and it's exactly the type of training that can get people killed. 

Perhaps the most baffling aspect of this is that I know for a fact these people have dry run this type of training hundreds of times. In the military, everything is baby steps. You learn the weapons in a classroom; you handle the weapons without magazines inserted; you move to static ranges; you adjust yardage and distance; you implement moving targets and on and on and on. You do all of those things while reinforcing the steps you learned in the previous evolution. In the dog training world, we call that successive approximation. Meaning, you build on the last task you learned. 

These fellas need to go back to the original building blocks so someone doesn't get killed needlessly during training. They all know that now though because they got killed on social media all weekend long.