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I Would Be Lying If I Said Taco Bell's new Chicken Sandwich/Taco Hybrid Doesn't Arouse Me

I think we need the people in Taco Bell's test kitchen to just start running the world. Truly the Isaac Newton's of fast food (yeah I know who Isaac Newton is no big deal). And now Isaac is doing a soiree into the fascinating world of chicken sandwich. Of course the fast food chicken sandwich game has been on FIRE the past few years with Popeye's, KFC, McDonald's, etc., but those bastards must be absolutely quivering in their boots at the thought of The Bell joining the party. When the Bell makes a move in the fast food realm the earth shakes.

Not to mention the fact that it sounds nothing short of heavenly.

The chain is calling the new item "disruptive," insisting it's both a sandwich and a taco. It comes with white meat chicken marinated in jalapeno buttermilk, seasoned with spices, and rolled in tortilla chip coating. The chicken comes served in "puffy bread" folded into a taco shape with chipotle sauce.

I mean I didn't necessarily even know jalapeno buttermilk was a thing, but now I'm questioning why every restaurant in the world doesn't just use jalapeno buttermilk? Who in sam hell would look at normal buttermilk next to jalapeno buttermilk and willingly use regular buttermilk? Crazy people...That's who. Add in a tortilla chip coating to fry the chicken in & my engine is REALLY revved. And obviously the finishing touch is the chipotle sauce (assuming that's the same sauce they use on the quesadilla) that'll be nothing short of magical.

I think I need to move the states where taco bell tests their products in ASAP.