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Uh Oh - Right After Deshaun Watson Trade Rumors, Teddy Bridgewater Unfollowed The Panthers On Social Media

I'm actually starting to feel bad for Teddy Bridgewater. The dude suffered a HORRIFIC injury, lived the backup life and eventually got to be a starter for the Panthers. Now you can argue just how good his season was with the Panthers since he had just a 15/11 touchdown/INT split. But regardless he was/is a starting quarterback again. Fast forward to this offseason and naturally we had a trade rumor for the Panthers to land Deshaun Watson: 

The Panthers SHOULD be trying to land Watson. I don't think there's anyone in the world who would argue against Watson being better than Teddy B. The Panthers have a coach I really like in Matt Rhule, they have some nice pieces but it's proven every single year you need a top quarterback to win in the NFL. Again, not really breaking any news or hot takes here. If you can upgrade at quarterback, you do it. Watson is a top-5ish quarterback in the league. 

But now we have Teddy unfollowing the Panthers and going private: 

We've seen this happen a bunch of times - most notably Jamal Adams and Julio Jones. Hell, the Panthers still have to trade for Watson in order for anything to happen. But you clearly have to deal with an annoyed quarterback if you don't land Watson. Teddy is still under contract for another year before there's an out with a cap hit. 

It's clear the Panthers don't buy Teddy as a long term solution at quarterback. Shit, they already tried trading him for Matt Stafford: 

The Panthers offered the eighth overall pick in this year's draft, a fifth-round pick and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to try to land Stafford, sources said.

Unfollowing a team being a thing is still mind-boggling to me though man. That's 2021 though. That's how you get a point across though. Who needs to have someone leak a quote about how you're frustrated when unfollowing a team lets Internet sleuths break the news to the world.