The Top Sports Highlight From The Weekend, You Ask? Obviously This Vicious Quidditch Dunk

For the first time in my life, I truly feel sorry for nerds. These poor kids have been getting bullied their entire lives. They get picked last in basketball, they get shelled in dodgeball, they have been getting destroyed in athletic competition since the day they were born. 

Then Harry Potter comes around and finally it looks like there is a sport for nerds, by nerds. Their time to shine. An athletic activity which they don't need to be worried about getting absolutely massacred by the jocks of the world. And then....

Goodnight Jim Kyte. 

These poor souls had to know as soon as my man showed up in the Nike pro combat compression pants under the shorts, it was over for them. That's an athlete. That's a man who is out for blood and domination. This isn't same fantasy cosplay for him. He's not pretending to be Harry Potter. He doesn't even know what hufflepuff even means. He's just here to snatch some souls one dunk at a time. He's basically a dementor without even knowing what a dementor is. 

It was a solid few years the nerds had with quidditch all to themselves. But now that there are highlights like this floating around? It's back to Magic The Gathering for them. And don't expect Hermione to go back with you, either.