Remember Marissa Miller? Let's Talk About Her iPod Bikini

For some reason I woke up today thinking about Marissa Miller's famous "iPod bikini" photo from like 15 years ago. I promise I'm not insanely horny but it just popped in my mind for whatever reason immediately after I woke up, and I say this with no embellishment because no embellishment is necessary - it might be the hottest picture taken in the history of photography. It made minds race back in 2007, it makes minds race in 2021. 

And I wonder what she's listening to? I'm gonna throw out a guess - Marissa was listening to Graduation by Kanye. Just a hunch. Maybe one day I'll ask her myself and find out. Always kind of bothered me that I didn't know what was blaring into her beautiful eardrums when she took this pic. 

The iPod bikini rivals the whip cream bikini even. IYNYN. 

Oh and it goes without say, but Marissa Miller was a complete forest fire. Still is in fact. She tore apart the SI cover better than any girl has ever torn it apart, perhaps. Just a perfect woman. 

Oh and here's Marissa getting a body painting:

And here's her IG. Still has it!!