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This coffee shop reopened in a new location, right before the pandemic struck, after a fire destroyed its former building in 2018. The Coffee Exchange’s Facebook page posted: “We have worked so hard for this day" — and now they can't wait to be a neighborhood staple again.



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Coffee Exchange is a neighborhood coffee shop that opened in 2013. We are located in a walkable neighborhood within Cincinnati. Our customers are our neighbors, friends and family. Our 800 square foot shop was often full of students, friend groups, community meetings and passersby. In 2018 a fire in an upstairs apartment destroyed our building and we were forced to close. The community rallied around us and held fundraisers, supported our pop-up events and kept our spirits high! We found a new space and spent 8 months renovating it. Local and state-wide news channels were on hand opening day, January 14, 2020 and it was an unbelievably successful day! We had exactly 2 months of full tables and community building. March 14, we closed our indoor space and served carry-out customers out of side door in our parking lot for several months. We have not had to close through this entire year and made safety our priority. Our staff works so hard every day, but they are getting strained. We have extremely loyal and enthusiastic customers, who can’t wait until we are back to full strength. We can’t wait to be able to give support back to the neighborhood that has shown us so much love.