Hannah Teter Is My Favorite Olympian


This is Olympic gold medalist (aka American hero) Hannah Teter. She won gold for Team USA in the halfpipe at the 2006 games, as well as a silver in the 2010 games. More importantly, she has a gold medal in the X-Games, which is maybe the bigger achievement, who is to say? 

I learned of Ms Teter yesterday when she was a part of the NHL's Lake Tahoe games. And she is just wonderful. She's fist female to ever land a 900 in competition, a humanitarian, had a Ben and Jerry's flavor named for her, and was an SI Swimsuit model. Do you think she's into bloggers? Probably right? Haha. Right? Yeah. Totally.

Anyway, feel free to follow her on IG.




PS: Last year I went to Aspen and snowboarded. It was a lot of fun. I didn't grow up skiing or snowboarding at all, so I'm trying to do it a little now as an adult and I wish I could go more often because I really enjoy it. Here is me on the bunny hill.