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Cam Newton Showed Remarkable Restraint By Not Beating The Absolute Bag Out Of This Twerp

When you're looking for a quarterback you're really just looking for a leader. Someone who can keep their wits about them amidst chaos and unforeseen circumstances. Cam Newton showed me more in this clip than he did most of the 2020 season by not going full "beat the shit out of Josh Norman with a smile on his face" on this kid.

This really was an incredible exchange, from what appears to be Cam's own camp? I don't know how old this video is, it's going viral right now and I've never seen it before. Which leads me to believe it's either from hours ago or last year. Either way I'm gonna blog about it and smash the fuck out of that publish button and shove these words right into your oculars. There's no stopping that, go ahead and try to disagree with me - you can't. You're already here. I've got you in a box. Much like this game of verbal pingpong between the aforementioned twerp and Cam. 

Twerp: "You a free agent!"

Cam Newton: "I'm rich!"

Early round victory for Cam. A lot of free agents in the world today, not all of them rich. 

Twerp: "You're about to be poor!"

Cam Newton: "Where's your dad!"

Here we see a bit of a stalemate. Really need to know what happens when Cam runs into this kid's dad before I score this round one direction or the other. Is Cam going to have a light-hearted conversation about manners and respecting elders? If that's the case, I'm scoring the round in favor of the twerp. (Aside: Twerp doesn't get enough play as an insult in 2021. I'm trying to bring it back to the forefront. Nerd is too mainstream now, it's not the insult it once was. But twerp? Good luck making that cool, you fucking dweeb. Dweeb also plays 'round these parts. But enough of that, back to the blog.) But, BUT, if Cam is going to dole out a vicious pounding to the father knowing Johnny Law doesn't view children beatings as favorably as days of yore, then it's a clean sweep clearcut victory for Newton. As I always say: chop off the head of the snake and the body dies a cold, unceremonious death.