Connor McDavid Does Things Every Night So Beyond Belief


Here's my take: If Connor McDavid was a basketball player he’d be considered whatever is a level above LeBron. He's that good at hockey, and his skill level is that far above his peers. There's a few others in his realm, but McDavid still reigns supreme. He is the most natural, smoothest, innovative player I think I've ever seen. He can do it all, and so effortlessly. He does things like the above or the below every single night



I wrote a blog about this a couple years back but would like to ask again- how do we get him in a major market? No offense to Edmonton but people need to be watching him. In football if you are good in a small market, people watch because it's the NFL. I feel like in the NHL though, the biggest stars need the major markets, and vice versa. We can't have McJesus playing west coast times in Edmonton, we just can't! He needs to be in a major city, on NBC every night, having kids idolize him. Again no offense to Edmonton, but the league needs him in the states.