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The Daddy Gang Has Invaded The UFC Thanks To Megan Anderson

Shoutout to friend-of-the-program Megan Anderson for reppin the Daddy Gang during the UFC 259 preview on tonight's card! 

She's been on My Mom's Basement a couple times and done a ton with us on Gametime, and I can honestly say she's one of the most likable fighters I've dealt with in the company. 

Megan is actually so nice you almost can't believe she knocks people out for a living....

(She does tho)

It was also just flat out hilarious to see an 'i am unwell' hoodie pop up while watching the fights tonight. Odds had to be +3000 for one of those showin up on the broadcast.

Hoping Megan shocks the world against Amanda Nunes on March 6th - would be an unreal moment for the Daddy Gang. We'll get her a black/gold 'i am unwell' hoodie if she does.