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Is Hitting 2 Grand Slams In Your First 2 College At-Bats In The SAME INNING Good?

College baseball kicked off this weekend and the FAU team came out HOT. Specifically Caleb Pendleton. Above you see his first career collegiate at-bat and the true freshman smokes it to left field. Grand Slam to end your first college at-bat must be an awesome feeling, putting your team up, getting the guys into it, starting off a little rally. What a cool moment there for Caleb. And you know what, Caleb liked hitting grand slams so much he decided to do it again. 

He stepped up IN THE SAME INNING with the bases loaded AGAIN and hit another grand slam. First pitch swinging dong. Yes, you read that right. 2 grand slams in his first 2 collegiate at-bats in the same inning. Legit may never be done again. What a start to your NCAA career putting your team up 12-2 with 8 RBIs with 2 swings in your first 2 at-bats. 

I know he's a freshman who literally is playing his first game but he's shooting up my personal draft board. Hope this kid hits 3 more grannies tonight. Have a day Caleb Pendleton.