Get Your Weekend Rolling With A Rock Remix Of THAT Song From Yesterday's WandaVision

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I had to keep the headline of this blog spoiler free for the people that haven't been able to carve out 30 minutes for my favorite show currently on TV but I also had to pay tribute to the hottest song on the planet as well as this Timmy Sean fella that made the perfect rock remix. Forget about the cicada on the window or Quicksilver. I think Timmy Sean is Mephisto because he had that song recorded as a one man band and uploaded hours after the show ended, which is a crazy turnaround time for a mere mortal like the rest of us who didn't see that song coming (even though everyone on the planet with internet access knew Agnes = AGatha harkNESs). Then again, anybody with a musical bone in their body knew this banger was worthy of a remix since I'm still bopping to it.

It sucks I can't even try to be an Agnes fan because she is an admitted dog murderer. RIP my dog SPARKEY MAXIMOFF. 

BONUS: Hip Hop Remix

But seriously, where is Reed Richards? And Magneto? And Professor X? JUST GIVE ME ALL OF THE CHARACTERS AND THEIR FRANCHISES THAT FOX RUINED BY THE SERIES FINALE. I know that seems like a lot to ask but if one man can deliver, it's the GOAT. Buy a shirt to honor the man.


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