Noah Syndergaard And Trevor Bauer Had Themselves A Nice Little Twitter Kerfuffle On A Casual Friday Night

So Noah Syndergaard tweeted this out and I think most Mets fans got a chuckle out of it since it referenced Trevor Bauer trying to make things right after he trolled/technologically fucked up Mets fans by releasing a bunch of orange and blue merch, which included the charity line somewhere in the novel Bauer wrote on Twitter using his iPhone two weeks ago.

Since the tweet was about Trevor Bauer, you knew there would be some sort of response from Bauer ASAP.

OK, no harm no foul. Take the high road, wish a guy well, and secretly focus on crushing him if your spots in the rotation line up the next time the Mets and Dodgers play.

But again, since the tweet was about Trevor Bauer, you knew there would be ANOTHER response from Bauer.

Ahhhhh, the old dig up old Instagram comments trick. That's totally fun and not weird at all! As someone who works in a company that lives in the mud, even that is some sorry shit, which Noah pretty much alluded to.

Bauer responded with one of those responses that you say when you don't want the other guy to have the last word.

Which led to Noah emptying the chamber with two of Bauer's more embarrassing moments.

Giphy Images.

Followed of course by Bauer going with another one of those responses where you just try to get the last word in.

I think that's the end of it. I HOPE that's the end of it. There's a chance that instead of doing whatever awesome shit you can do in California with $40 million, Trevor Bauer is sitting on his bed trying to get some reeeeeeeeally good dirt off of Noah's old Myspace page from back when he was a chubby kid nicknamed Bumpy. I'm not sure. But in the meantime, every one of Bauer's tweets has the savages of #MetsTwitter giving out Ls and talking about ratios and a whole bunch of other shit that people do on Twitter in 2021. I guess having a bunch of angry people talk shit to you after every tweet is one way to drive engagement and grow your #brand.

Anyway, it's funny that if Bauer accepted the gigantic pile of Steve Cohen's money, Trevor and Noah are probably good pals that inevitably become known as the #TrevorNoah tandem that unleashes hell on teams after Jacob deGrom is done with them. Instead they are talking shit to each other online since early Spring Training is boring for pitcher and catchers when there isn't a pandemic going on. That's baseball, Suzyn. Enjoy the Bauer Era, Dodgers fans!