WandaVision Is Such A Smash Hit That It Crashed Disney+ For Thousands Of People In The Middle Of The Night (EPISODE 7 SPOILER FREE BLOG)

THR- Disney+ experienced technical problems for some users in the early hours of Friday morning as people rushed to view the latest episode of Marvel's WandaVision. Outage tracking website Downdetector reported a huge spike in user-submitted problems with Disney+, rising from zero reported problems to over 8,000 just after midnight when the new episode dropped. Downdetector reported that most of the outages occurred on the West Coast, with clusters centered around Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.


In the span of about a month, WandaVision went from a black and white show that left a good chunk of the audience not sure if they wanted to stick with it after one (1) week to being such a Must Watch show that people rushing to watch it in the middle of the night were tearing apart Disney's servers like, well...

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Sorry, too soon

Think about that for a second. Disney, The Kabill Dollar House Of The Mouse not some rinky dink company with Internet being held together by All Biz Pete's duct tape and Elmer's Glue, was having trouble handling the load of people trying to watch its show at midnight out West (Haha, handling the load). 

I have been bitching and moaning about people on the East Coast having to wake up at 3 AM so we can get our WandaVision fix along with dodging any spoilers because it's hard enough to get sleep as a father of two young kids and people with real jobs shouldn't be forced to add 30+ minutes into their Friday mornings when a Saturday release would make sense for everyone. The people on the West Coast get to watch the NFL while eating breakfast and never have to stay up until 1 AM for the night games only to have it ruin their entire week. It's not fair that they get fresh WandaVisions and Mandalorians at an hour that isn't offensive. However, I suppose if us snowed in savages of the Northeast got access to a new episode of WandaVision at anywhere near a normal hour, this is what every person on Disney+ around the globe would see.

Blogger's Note: I cannot put into words how much I haaaaaate seeing this screen since it means we have to spend another week looking for Easter eggs before we get fresh content

Blogger's Note 2: For people that haven't watched today's episode, there IS a mid-credits scene

I'd love to dive deeper into today's episode, but can't right now. I'll be joining Jeff D. Lowe, KenJac, and Robbie on LCB's YouTube at 3:30 PM ET today to talk about what went down and record My Mom's Basement with Robbie this weekend for a Monday release in what will definitely result in a much different looking Sus list.

P.S. There is no doubt in my mind that people were looking up every reference to the number 76 for some sort of Easter egg. And if that number had been 66, you know people would've taken it as a sign Mephisto had risen from the depths of hell in the ultimate breaking of the fourth wall, which just so happened to be the title of today's episode. God I love how this show puts our brains into pretzels every week.