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BREAKING: The NCAA Tournament Just Got Even Better Because It Will Have Fans At All Rounds And All Sites

Oh fuck yeah man. This is how you get some good vibes on a Friday. It's no secret that I love the NCAA Tournament more than anyone loves anything in the world. It's quite literally how I landed this job. Even at nearly 34 years old I'm still close to shedding a tear on that Monday in April when One Shining Moment comes on and I know the season is over, the tournament is over and all that. But you know what makes the Tournament? Having fans. It's necessary for the whole tournament feel. Imagine some of these moments with just nobody there: 

One of my favorite memories was being in Philly in 2006 when No. 16 Albany pushed No. 1 UConn to a near upset. The entire arena - Kentucky fans, UAB fans, Albany fans and everyone neutral all turned into Great Danes. It was AWESOME. We need that environment for the NCAA Tournament. It's one of those events that just doesn't work in empty gyms. Not for the win or go home scenario. Not with how people live and die with each shot over the course of 40 minutes. Is it going to be a full gym? Of course not. But 25% is better than nothing. I need to hear the moaning and cheers when a shot goes up with 5 seconds left. It's the greatest sound in sports. 

This is one of the few W's we've had in the last year. We're nearly a full 365 days in since the sports world shut down - March 12. Just get us to the NCAA Tournament. Get us to March. It's the best 3 weeks of the year and nothing else is close. Now cue the motherfucking music! 

UPDATED: As of now all places will have 25% capacity, but Indiana is going to limit it to 500