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We Have to Talk About West Virginia Coach Neal Brown and the Birthdates of His Children

West Virginia head football coach Neal Brown might be the most efficient and no-nonsense man on the planet. He has three children, all born within three days of each other and all within the one time frame on the college football calendar where he has enough time to deal with the whole childbirth thing. This guy is a legend.

When these kids were born, National Signing Day was the first week in February — rather than in December, where it mainly resides now — and all three of those kids were born the week after so Brown had the maximum amount of time with his wife and newborn children before he had to ramp back up for spring practice. The precision is nothing short of incredible.

And even if he wasn't a football coach on a very tight calendar, just imagine all the time and money you could save on joint birthday parties. Throw one big bash every year with a bounce castle in the backyard, sing three times and you're good to go. I am in awe of how well this man plans. And there's no logical argument that this was a coincidence, either. He was probably shooting for the same date on all three and was pissed he came up short in that regard.

If Brown can coach anywhere near as well as he plans the birthdates of his children, West Virginia will be competing for Big 12 titles in no time.