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Nobody Has Ever Celebrated Harder Than Stanford's Ziaire Williams Did After The Dunk Of The Year


And you know what? Fuck it. It's awesome. You see your teammate have potentially the dunk of the year, yamming it right on a dude that's 7'4". I have no idea how the fuck you move or live when you're that tall, but that's not here or there. Riley Sorn is a legit 7'4", a legit 88 inches. Just makes me laugh saying that out loud. Bryce Wills is 6'6" and he put it directly on his head. 

But, look at this. 

Ziaire Williams is out here going full cheerleader toe touches and leg kicks from the 3pt line to the free throw line. Just straight up disrespect for Sorn. Straight up disrespect for the entire Washington team. He didn't give a shit that they were about to inbound the ball mostly because Washington sucks. He had the dunk of the year to celebrate. 

The more I watch it the more hilarious this ends up being to me. I don't give a shit if it's a conference game in mid-February against arguably the worst power conference team in the country. Stanford has had to live in North Carolina and Santa Cruz this year because of coronavirus rules. 5 of their 'home' games just got moved to 'neutral' in the eyes of the NCAA Tournament because they had to play in Santa Cruz. This is the beauty of college basketball though. You never know when a top-10 recruit is going to break out a ridiculous celebration after the dunk of the year.