Biggest Win The Jets Have Seen In Years - Braxton Berrios Is Officially Dating Sophia Culpo

Unlike most Giants fans, I don't give a shit about Jets fans. They are adorable to me. They know they have no shot of winning, they just kinda sit there and take their lumps and hope to not win a game late in the year to fuck up their draft pick. They've given us the Bart Scott can't wait and the butt fumble. They are important to the NFL for those reasons alone. So with that said, it's good to see them pick up a massive win. Shit, you can even give this a win over the Pats considering Berrios was drafted by the Pats then came to the Jets. 

Think it's safe to say the Culpo's have a type. That type isn't me or you. They are a football family, which makes that whole 'football is family' commercial even more ironic now that I look back at it. I'm not exactly sure how one family, let alone the state of Rhode Island, produced not one, but two people that look like the Culpo sisters. So congrats to the Jets and a bigger congrats to Braxton Berrios.