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Located in the heart of Edison Park, The Curragh Irish Pub is a favorite local hangout. The pub has earned quite a reputation all across Chicago as one of the hot-spots for delicious food and bar experience.



Reader Email

The Curragh has always been a place people call home and has really been a positive presence in both the Park Ridge and Edison Park community. Ever since I was a little kid, my parents have continuously sponsored everything from little league to high school football teams, baseball teams, soccer teams, basketball teams. Even all the elementary school and middle school events in not only Park Ridge, but in Edison Park as well. The Curragh is considered a cornerstone of the social life for both towns and is a place where people truly consider us a part of their family/community, so if the Curragh were to have to close it's doors, then both communities and all their sports teams, schools, churches, clubs, etc. would be impacted as well, not just our business itself. We also consider all of our employees family, so our main priority is to ensure that they can get paid through these troubling times as many of them don't qualify for unemployment. My parents have put thousands of dollars out of their own pocket to ensure the protection of our employees, but the time and money to keep us afloat is running out very quickly. The Curragh has been hit especially hard because it is an Irish Pub, which is characterized as a place where people come to socialize and interact with all different kinds of people and groups to eat food and drink, but the Curragh has suffered tremendously with having to cancel St. Patrick's Day last year (the day where we get the majority of our revenue and busiest day of the year) and Chicago has already came out and cancelled the St. Patrick's Day for this year. So on the current pace that everything is going, the Curragh will not be able to financially survive another year without St. Patrick's Day unless we can receive some help, so for the sake of not only the Curragh but for all the employees, the communities of Park Ridge and Edison Park, we would really appreciate any help that can come our way.