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Brattleboro Bowl offers 20 high quality lanes with easy automatic scoring for family, friends, and league bowling. Join a league, have a party, or just bowl for fun. They also have pool tables, a snack bar, lounge and game room for your entertainment.



Reader Email

  • we are currently running at around 50% of revenue when comparing 2019 to present.
    • factors causing: hours restriction (close at 10pm), capacity restriction of 70 people in the bowling alley, and league bowling has been suspended in Vermont since early November.  League play is guaranteed weekly revenue and is our foundation.
  • employee impact.
    • two of the 4 full time employees have had there hours reduced to ten per week.
    • 4 of the part time employees are not working at all.
    • we would return all staff and hours to the Bowl if we are selected.
  • we will also need support with our mortgage in the upcoming months.  We are a seasonal business that provides a social inclement weather activity.  We have to "knock it out of the park" January, February, and March in order to get through the off season (Spring and Summer).  Our current level of business will not enable us to do this and keep staff employed over the summer.  We may have to reduce operational hours further as we won't have the staff to open the business.
  • we will continue to pay the utilities, property tax, and insurance from business revenue, as we wish for other small businesses to be able to avail themselves of those funds through your program.