What Are You Doing After You Pick the One Spot in an Empty Garage Where a Pipe Bursts and Freezes on Your Car?

The odds of winning the lottery are obviously never in anyone's favor, but sometimes the jackpot will get high enough to get me to a point where I'll think, "You can't win if you don't play." But I can say very confidently this poor girl should never even attempt to play the lottery — or do anything requiring an ounce of good luck, for that matter.

I would like to comment on this woman's remarkable positive attitude, however. She just hit on a less than one percent chance of picking the one spot in an empty garage that happened to have a pipe burst and coat her car in ice and she's still putting the sparkle eyes filter on her TikTok. That is both commendable positivity and commitment to the social media game.

But being in Texas does not look fun at all right now. This girl could have very well been about to get in her car to go back to a house with no power when this happened. When it snows, it pours, I suppose.