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"Are You In Bed Right Now?": Don't You Dare Let Doc Rivers Catch You Getting Cozy During A Post Game Press Conference

I know that this is "the world we live in these days". Where almost everything is done virtually and Zoom gets us everywhere we need to be. It's easy, it's convenient, and it's a slippery slope. And once you start slipping, there's no real hope for you to catch your grip after that. 

You start off doing your Zoom calls at your desk, and you're wearing your standard business casual on top. You might just be wearing a pair of basketball shorts down low, but the camera doesn't pick that up so no need to throw on a full suit to cover the game. Then a few days go by and you start to just wear shorts and a tshirt. You're still at your desk, the background still seems professional enough, but you're done trying to give off the appearance that you're fully dressed for the occasion. Then you start to get a little lazy and you put your laptop on your coffee table and do the Zoom press conference from your couch. I mean why bother getting everything set up on your desk if you're just going to be on there for a few minutes? Shorts, tshirt, couch, a few Doritos crumbs on your shirt, hairs a bit disheveled, you look like a proper mess. But at least you're sitting upright. 

Then you realllllly get caught lacking and you're doing a press conference from bed. That right there is where the Doctor needs to draw the line. You can't be cuddled up in the sheets asking a prolific first half. You can't be in your jammy jams talking about the game. You can't have your glass of warm milk on your nightstand thinking you're going to get that headline out of Doc you were looking for. Maybe Doc could cut you some slack if this was last week during the West Coast trip with the 10pm tip offs. But this was a 7pm EST game. Jesus christ, Jackson. Get it together, bud.