Meek Mill Under Fire For Dropping A Tasteless Line Referring To Kobe Bryant’s Death In New Song With Lil Baby

Hot New Hip Hop- A snippet of a song surfaced online and once the public heard his lyric about Kobe, people unleashed their ire on the rapper.

There was only but a brief clip of the song posted to social media and soon, the internet was ablaze due to a lyric reportedly spouted by the rapper. "And if I ever lack I’m going out with my choppa it be another Kobe / Sh*t I can tell they ain't never know me," rapped Meek. Moments later, Lil Baby says, "I damn near wanna have a son so I can name him Kobe." Fans didn't take issue with Baby's line, but they vocalized their ire by the thousands about Meek's bars.

This guy...

Last week he was in the news for beefing with that fraud 6ix9ine outside a club in Miami and filming the whole thing while the other guy filmed him at the same time.

Now he’s leaking snippets of a track that EVERYBODY with a brain had to have known would piss a lot of people off.

This isn’t even a “too soon” thing.

Rapping about yourself being so tough that you’ll go down firing your AK47 (highly doubtful) aka “choppa” as a metaphorical double-entendre to Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash where kids also died tragically is just all time stupid.

p.s.- I apologize for being extremely petty when it comes to this guy. I couldn’t blog this fast enough. He’s haunted my dreams for years with “Dreams and Nightmares”. That song the fluke Eagles Championship team took up and rallied behind. Everytime I hear it I have ‘Nam like flashbacks.