After California Taxes Kick In Fernando Tatis Is Basically Making $14 And Eating Egg Noodles For Dinner


Absolutely ridiculous. I get taxed from my toes to my nipples living in NYC, but my god, at least I don't live in California. How are those taxes even legal? Is California somewhere in the future where everyone is driving flying cars and they are drinking champagne out of fountains for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Because after taxes, Tatis will barely be able to afford to charge his new Lucid Motors car ($CCIV). Why in the world would anyone choose to play in that state? Go play in Texas like an adult with a brain, holy shit. I mean I get that San Diego is the land of pleasant living, but nothing is pleasant enough for me to hand over $170,000,000. NOTHING. 

So hey, congrats to Fernando for the huge deal. Enjoy the poor house, sucker.