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Mike From Stranger Things Said Stranger Things 4 Will Be The Darkest Season Yet

Let's. Fucking. Go. 

Truth be told, I don't really care about this supposedly being the darkest season, funniest season, or saddest Stranger Things season. I feel like that's the kind of stuff actors are supposed to say while promoting their show and if it were up to me, all the kids would end up fine with no chance of any heartbreaking deaths that are going to ruin my day/week/life since I already have enough shit to worry about and don't need to relive something like this again after 2020.

What I am excited about is just being reminded that Stranger Things is not only coming back but far enough along that statements like these can actually be made. We got the teaser trailer for season 4 more than a year ago before the entire world shut down.

Now we have the trickling out of little facts and hype nuggets to get everyone stoked. I can't wait to see Eleven obliterating Upside Down creatures up again on some Professor X shit, Hopper with the greatest comeback since JC on that fateful Easter Sunday before reuniting with sweet crazy Winona, and the storyline the writers come up with after a good chunk of their cast grew up a full year during puberty in the middle of the season because COVID fucked up shooting for all of Hollywood.