TikTok Bro Adding Saxophone Solos To Songs That Didnt Need A Saxophone Solo Was Incredibly Needed

It's still cold in my house but I got power back for a minute so I need to blog this. Earlier this week, I posted a tweet that I now regret. In that tweet, I said that white dudes who play the saxophone always come off as a fucking creep. I was wrong. This dude isnt a creep (that I know of) and he might be able to fuck me if he plays his cards right. It's been a while since someone added a little flare to Biggie but our guy here does it in spades. 

There's just something about the sound of a sax that just really gets me going. If I could play the sax, id be belting out tunes like I was Lisa Simpson when she discovered her passion for playing the Sax. Moonlight? I'd be under that playing. Sunlight? Id be out there playing just with some sunscreen on my tender ginger skin. You can never be too careful. What do you think you are, tougher than the sun? The fucking sun? The sun is 99 percent of our solar system's mass. I don't think you're tougher than that no matter how well, not good, you play the saxophone. 

We started a little pitchy here but we recovered. I dont wanna spend too much time on this one because it was pitchy but that's ok. We'll move on. 

We're back in a big way. Love some Lauren Hill goofin. What? No. This cant be. Another one?