Heroic Husband Braves Through A Deathly Blizzard To Get His Wife Some Corndogs

I'm not sure if you guys are aware or not but there's been a rather severe winter storm that's been ripping through Texas and most of the southeast this week. Conditions are less than ideal to say the least. But don't you dare--not even for one damn second--think that there will ever be anything that Mother Nature can throw this man's way to prevent him from getting his lovely wife the corndogs that she deserves. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this man from getting his wife some delicious corndogs. 

Okay so there are a few ways of looking at this. First up, we have a man who simply just loves the shit out of his wife. Would do anything for that woman because he's a good ol' country boy at heart who was raised right by his momma. 

Second up we have a guy who knew as soon as he started tracking the storm that he would need a little time out of the house to himself. Like I'm sure he loves his wife and everything but when a storm like that comes rolling through and you don't know how long you're going to be stuck in your home with just the two of you? You'll take any chance you can get to have a few minutes of peace and quiet to yourself. Even if that means you have to head out in the middle of a winter storm just to pick up some corndogs. 

And lastly, we have a guy who knows that he'll need to do some sort of chore or favor for his wife at some point during the storm. So he figures he'll just get this big one out of the way early, and that way he's done his job for the rest of the day. He went out and got those corndogs. Now he can kick back on the couch and crush some snow day beers for the rest of the day/night. Nothing would be worse than being like 2 beers into your snow day and then finding out you gotta run back out to the grocery store. Just as you were getting comfortable, too. Get the corndogs out of the way, then you don't have to do anything else later besides relax. A veteran move. 

But I don't know. The more I watch this video, the more I think this is just a dude who loves his wife and wants her to have all the corndogs she wants. And they said chivalry is dead. 

P.S. - Such an underrated Will Ferrell movie.