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Eli Manning Should Win Father Of The Year For Wiping Out While Skiing And Filming His Kids

THAT'S MY (FUTURE HALL OF FAME AND TWO-TIME SUPER BOWL MVP) QUARTERBACK!  Other retired pro athletes who pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars would probably hire a professional photographer to ski with them in order to capture those timeless childhood memories for the family he ensured will be wealthy for the rest of their lives. Not Elisha Nelson Manning though. He'll do the job himself by strapping two skis on his feet and smashing the Record button on what I imagine is an iPhone 6 with a comically oversized case, even if he takes a hit while doing it. 

Rolling around in some fresh powder at a fancy ass ski resort is nothing for a football iron man. Eli survived the absolutely freak factory of the 2011 49ers defense piledriving him into the turf every play on his way to guiding the Giants to another Super Bowl in the NFC Championship and he somehow didn't break later in his career when his offensive line was a legitimate turnstile with Ereck Flowers & Co. The only thing that can stop Eli is Ben McAdoo's poor decision making on a dark day in Oakland. Other than that, you can set your watch to Eli putting in hard work, delivering a performance with a satisfactory grade, and if he falls (which he almost definitely will because he was never the most athletic person) he will pick himself back up with that adorable chuckle that could warm even the most miserable son of bitch's heart. 

What a player. What a dad. What a human.