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Jordan Bohannon Says It Would Have Taken $20,000 In A McDonald's Bag For Him To Play Basketball At Wisconsin

Yep, that right there is exactly how you give a quote. Topical to make fun of Tennessee football? Check. Say you'd refuse to play for a rival where your brothers played? Consider that done too. I can't help but love the image of Greg Gard trying to sneak $20k in a McDonald's bag to Jordan Bohannon. Change it to Culver's and it's about as Wisconsin as it gets. Bohannon knows how to deal with rivalries too. He still pulled off one of my favorite moves last year when people thought it was his last Iowa/Iowa State game:

Shit, Bohannon just knows how to deliver content. He got into a parking war like any other typical college kid

He even fought the NCAA and stole a rug

I say this all the time, but I want athletes and coaches to be like Bohannon. Stop giving boring, bland quotes and fucking say something that will piss off a fanbase. There's zero doubt there's a portion of the Wisconsin fans that will get pissed that he would say this after watching his brothers play there. Give me dudes that are willing to have fun in quotes. I don't want to hear 'oh we're hoping to figure it out and get a tough win against a good Wisconsin team.' No, make fun of Tennessee football and make fun of a rival. That's how you do it. 

Check out Bohannon on Bench Mob: