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There's No Way The Texans Are Dumb Enough To Trade Deshaun Watson For A Running Back ... Right?

Come on, there's 0% chance this happens right? I know getting 3 first round picks is huge and it's not even like McCaffrey isn't awesome, but the Texans simply CAN'T trade for another running back. You can't make that your thing as much as I'd die laughing if they do. Running back is the most overvalued position in all of sports and the Texans could potentially trade two of its three biggest stars for two running backs. That would be the most baffling, hilarious trades in NFL history and it ain't close. 

I love how the quote is framed too. Oh, the Panthers are willing to do whatever it takes? Of course they are! They played nearly this entire past season without McCaffrey and despite him being awesome, you can find another running back. Three first round picks? No-brainer to land a franchise quarterback. I'd guess pretty much any team in the league that needs a running back is willing to give up three first round picks for Watson. 

I will say this is a savvy move by the Panthers here. Don't throw in anything else but start tempting the Texans with running back talk. Just start showing all the shit Christian McCaffrey can do, maybe slip in a photo of him and Olivia Culpo together like I'm about to do here. 

Get them all hot and bothered with his highlights and then start negotiating draft picks. Speaking of which, hey Texans, how does this look?