Kit Keenan Put on a Master Class on How to Become a Bachelor Influencer

Matt James did NOT hold back Monday night. He sent home 6 girls plus Heather. Hometown dates are next week and all of a sudden we went from 10 (almost 11) girls to 4 girls in the blink of an eye.

The most interesting departure was from Kit. Some background...Kit is 21 years old (maybe 22 currently) and her mom is fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley. Kit came on the show already Instagram verified and with a podcast.

If you check out her IG you can tell she already crushes the influencer life. Workout tips, diet advice, skincare tutorials, etc. The one thing she was missing was more followers...and the bachelor gave her just that! Only a couple months on the show and she gained around 200,000 followers. The best part is SHE dumped Matt. She told Matt her five year plan...which didn’t include getting married. She wants to finish school, travel, experience life...because of course she does. It was all very logical. It’s just funny because she’s on a show where you get engaged at the end, but that was obviously never Kit’s plan! Matt doesn’t send Kit home after hearing the plan so Kit had to send herself home. Matt really seemed like he wanted her to stay too! But Kit knew her time was up. Enough screen time to get her name out there before having to get to hometowns and involving her family. Truly a master class on how to go on the show and enter bachelor nation without falling in love.

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