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Adam Sandler Celebrated The 25th Anniversary Of Happy Gilmore By Absolutely SMASHING A Golf Ball Happy Gilmore Style

God dammit that was that best thing I've seen in forever. Tried. True. And fucking blasted dead central mere inches from the pin with a shot that has been recreated by every single asshole who has ever picked up a golf club since February 16, 1996 followed by the signature Happy Gilmore laugh. Coming through with a perfect hit like that is how you win a gold jacket green jacket who gives a shit jacket. Chubbs must be so proud watching from his cloud right now.

Who has had a better last 25 years than Adam Sandler? Started his career by making some legitimate comedic classics, then made a bunch of movies with his buddies, and made a bajillion dollars along the way. For me personally, it's Billy Madison jusssst ahead of Happy Gilmore by a nose. But that's no knock on Happy Gilmore since Billy Madison is my favorite comedy of all-time. Happy Gilmore is definitely in my Top 5 though and seeing other characters from the movie chime in made my soul smile.

Don't you dare tell me that's not THE Shooter McGavin either. That account has been around so long, the internet has just accepted that it's Shooter. I'm talking the character too, not the actor

What a delightful movie. If you aren't watching Happy Gilmore tonight after seeing that swing, you are no friend of mine. Now let's end this work day by going to our Happy Place and watching some of the best scenes from a first ballot Hall of Fame movie.

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Sidenote: Shout out Claire Dunphy!

There are so many great scenes in Happy Gilmore but him singing to the intercom followed by the double twist of the lady opening the door and then waking up in his bed may be my favorite part of the movie. Comedic genius.