Are The Mets About To Lose The Worst Baseball Game Of All Time?

The Mets were up 7-1 a couple hours ago. They give up 4 runs in the 7th.

Fast forward to the 9th. 2 run lead. 7-5. 2 outs. 0-1 count on the batter. Umpire decides to call a rain delay.

Play resumes 45 minutes later. Mets leave their closer out there. Bloop single, seeing eye single, and Justin Upton – a bat they were rumored to maybe be after – BLASTS a three run bomb through hurricane-like rain. I mean if it was a nice day the ball would have gone 700 feet. Now trail 8-7 in another rain delay as it pours. Their lock down closer’s 3rd blown save after the All Star Break. He had only thrown 3 pitches to get his first 2 outs before the rain delay. I personally would not have sent him back out there after 45 minutes, just because I think all relievers not named Mariano Rivera are fucking pussies who need their schedule to be perfect. But I can see Collins sending him out there too. I think its a hindsight 20/20 sorta thing where he will get murdered for the decision but he also just needed to get 2 more fucking strikes so its not like he asked him to go back out there for a 5 out save or something.

But anyway, given the circumstances, do you think this is the worst loss of all time? Sure, there are games were teams have score like 10 runs in the 8th. Bigger leads have been blown. More dramatic losses though? Off the top of my head I obviously think of Castillo Dropping The Ball as the worst loss. Yes, of course blown games in the playoffs are more painful. But my question is that given the extenuating circumstances of the rain, is this the worst loss ever? Or at least the Most Mets Ever? BRUTAL 24 hours for this club. We’re crying. We’re nixing trades that are awesome because we’re cheap. We’re blowing saves when the came is 99.99999% won.

Meet the Mets Meet the Mets, step right up and kill yourself.

PS – I want to kill that umpire, but no joke it rained harder than Ive ever seen it rain. Definitely top 5 rain day of all time. If this was South America he or his family members would be dead by now, but I cant really fault him.

PPS – At least Portnoy bet the Mets. Him losing money is always a nice little silver lining.