Love This Arkansas Fan Who Put On His Finest Attire, Went Out In The Snow And Delivered An All-Time Motivational Speech For The Team

Who said wild fans are just limited to SEC Football? Catch the fever SEC hoops. It just means more there too. I love this guy. Haven't seen a fan show this much heart since our own Mintzy came onto the scene

I still can't believe Kentucky missed that XP. Fucking brutal. Anyways, this fan just gave a motivational speech for the ages. The pack is hungry. That's what happens when Arkansas is ranked again. People may not know or remember just how wild Arkansas fans can be when their program is rolling. They are as diehard as diehard comes stemming back to the Nolan Richardson days in the 90s. Arkansas doesn't need any crazy Muss pregame shit like the UPS driver, putting notes on their cars or the Kentucky Derby. Oh, no. Just play this guy. He rivals Pacino in Any Given Sunday 

What really makes the video though is him putting on his finest attire - a Corliss Williamson throwback and a pair of jorts. That's how you get the message across. Any regular ass fan would have worn a t-shirt and jeans, but not him. He's hungry. He's got a pack of wolves to motivate and Gators to hunt.