If You Pass Out And Fall On Your Ass While Attempting A Lift It's Probably Too Heavy



Too much weight.  I’m calling it.  That was too much weight for that guy to lift.  I’m not a doctor or a personal trainer and I haven’t lifted weights in a solid 10 months but that was too much weight.  It’s almost always too much weight when your eye balls almost burst outta your sockets and you pass out/die on the spot.  That’s a red flag from the jump.  By the way,d oes that count in whatever contest they’re competing in?  Is there a rule that says you can’t bust 50,000 brain cells and pass out or does that lift count despite the end result?  I think you gotta give it to him.  At the end of the day, he lifted the weight.  He actually did more than was required.  He lifted the weight and avoided getting his internal organ smashed into a billion pieces.  One other thing, and I’m the least judgmental person on the planet, but who are the people attending this activity?  That was a well attended event.  Way more than a simple smattering of applause when the guy regained consciousness.  Then again, you could easily talk me into going to see guys pass the fuck out and almost die.  No doubt.