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OnlyFans Star Joins The Hottest, New Trend - Promises A Naked Photoshoot If Chelsea Wins The Premier League

[Source] - Cassia Mello, 31, claims her "pleasure and libido increases" every time Chelsea score a goal, so she will have been delighted by the first-half efforts of Olivier Giroud and Timo Werner on Monday night.

But the OnlyFans star is hopeful that her promise of a naked photoshoot will be an added incentive for the Blues' players to go for glory.

She said: "There will be nudity if they win the Premier League.

"A naked woman is always an incentive for players."

We have a new trend in the soccer world and frankly no one is complaining. We have people of all sorts of careers promising to get naked if something happens. Everyone from Miss Bum Bum to analysts: 

And now we add Cassia Mello, which DailyStar describes as an OnlyFans star jumping in the mix. The fact is she's not wrong. Nudity is a great motivator! It worked in Major League and we all know whatever happens in movies is in fact real. 

Now Chelsea has some work to do. They currently are 4th in the Premier League

How can they turn it around? Think there are two clear answers here. First, they need more Christian Pulisic. Am I being selfish as a USMNT fan and wanting our star to keep growing? Sure do. He was benched in Chelsea's last game and we need more Pulisic. Shit, he's only played 84 minutes out of 450 under new manager Thomas Tuchel. Yeah, yeah, I know injuries, but give me Pulisic getting playing time. Second, Barstool Chelsea diehard Clem needs to make a promise. Everyone can sign up for OnlyFans, not everyone can sign up for Clem. If he truly cares about the Blues he'd step up to the plate. 

Anyways, we need more fans like Cassia Mello in the world. Ones who would do anything for their team. Don't you tempt me in the SEC Tournament, Kentucky. Don't you dare.