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Kendall Jenner Is About To Make A Billion Dollars Off Her New Tequila Company

Here it is!!! The tequila we've…all been waiting for? Lol. Honestly I had no idea this was coming. I've fallen off on my Kardashian-Jenner gossip. But, I'm told that they've been teasing this forever - four YEARS in fact! 

For those wondering, Kendall just turned 25 this past November, so if I carry the one…it sounds like the minute Kendall opened up her eyes on her 21st birthday, she decided she needed to become a Tequila Mogul. Fair enough. When you have that kind of face, family, money, and your job is based entirely on your looks? You've got to have a fallback. Kylie and Kim have their own respective empires, Kourtney and Khloe are being moms and hanging out with Tiktokers… Kendall was "just a model." Her sisters throw massive 1st birthday parties - she chills the shot glasses. Now she's going to be a billionaire too. It worked for Clooney! The family will be pushing this tequila as hard as possible, and if its anything like their other products (which are actually REALLY good) - I know it won't be half assed. Get ready for the incoming tequila hangovers, this is going to be the only thing every basic bitch you know will be buying for the rest of time.